Selenium ingot  Se
Available form
Bille / Bâton / Fil fourré / Granule / Grenaille / Poudre
Application field
Lentilles pour les lasers au dioxyde de carbone (CO2)
Industrie de la conversion photovoltaïque
Dispositifs thermoélectriques
Alimentation des animaux
Product description
Selenium powder: -100 mesh; - 200 mesh
Purity: 99.9%
Inspection: icp-ms, scanning electron microscope, laser particle size analyzer.
USES: for glass colorant, lead acid battery, selenium dioxide, etc.
Technical docking: Anode slime - enrichment - primary distillation - secondary distillation
Powder technology: airflow pulverization-shock sample screening and screening;
Particle size: -100 mesh; - 200 mesh;
Capacity: 500 kg/month
Services: provide practical protective measures and MSDS, provide applied materials solutions;
Samples: free samples are provided for customers to test and try;
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