Kaiyada's 2019-2020 annual work summary conference
TIM:2020-01-15 Views: Times
On January 14, 2020, kaiyada leaders, heads of all departments and all sales staff attended the "kaiyada annual work summary conference 2019-2020".
In the past year, under the leadership of the group and the hard work of kaiyada employees, the company has made outstanding achievements in performance and systematic reform. In the meeting, the group President and general manager respectively in charge of their work prospects, department heads made a summary of the work and the New Year work plan.
The President of the group delivered an important speech, made a summary of the achievements of the former kaiyada, elaborated on the development plan of the new kaiyada in the next few years, and required all employees of the company to stimulate the vigorous work momentum, accelerate the pace of enterprise upgrading, and make new and greater contributions to the stable and rapid development of the company.